Keep hydrated, without it costing the earth!

Save money, stay mentally sharper and lessen your impact on the environment – what’s not to like? Even mild dehydration can cause us to lose our concentration so I try to avoid being in a situation where I don’t have access to water. Since I bought my first reusable water bottle nearly 5 years ago it has travelled to the office, come with me in the car, gone to conferences and even on holidays. In fact, it got so much use I had to replace it recently, at the cost of less than a tenner!

So why not buy a good quality reusable bottle (there are lots of options in shops and online), keep hydrated and save yourself lots of money by not needing to buy expensive bottled water. The big winner of course is the environment, with fewer of those single-use plastic bottles floating (literally) around the planet. What are you waiting for?