Research and Report Writing 

There can be any number of reasons why your organisation needs some in-depth research to be carried out or a report to be compiled. But whatever the reason, ensuring that detailed research or a comprehensive report is delivered on time can mean diverting internal resources away from other critical tasks. In recent years I have been involved in detailed research and the compilation of a number of reports and in a number of situations requiring new systems and process development.

Each of my client’s report requirements is carefully considered so the solution provided is tailored specifically and delivers exactly its stated objectives.

Business Support Services

Be it corporate governance requirements, policies and procedures that need updating or projects that need managing, keeping on top of everything in your business can be difficult, using time and resources that might be better spent elsewhere in the organisation.

Working with your own team members, I can complement their efforts by bringing an objective viewpoint and wide-ranging expertise.

Project Planning and Management

Your organisation may require one or more projects of varying sizes to be managed, often simultaneously and practical expertise may be required at different stages. Good planning, budgeting and financial management are all key to project success and I have excellent experience in these particular areas and all facets of project management.

I can provide expertise on a freelance basis, in the short or medium term, for projects of any size or type.